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Dump your brain!!!

When the midnight hour strikes, have you ever just stared at the blank ceiling? Does your brain start to imagine a lot of things that were not supposed to happen yet? The anxiety is attacking, and then you start to “overthink”. I suppose all of us have been through that phase, at least once in a lifetime. Do you know that there is some kind of habits out there to solve this kind of problem? The one I'm gonna be talking about here is Brain Dumping.

What is exactly “Brain Dumping”?

When we want to work on something, and then our brain is just full of thoughts, it’s gonna be hard to keep and maintain our focus, you will eventually procrastinate. We need to get all those thoughts out of our heads and move them somewhere first. So, in simple words, Brain Dump is an activity that will help you clear your mind and declutter your thoughts.

Why do we need to straighten our minds?

Based on what Epictetus said in my previous post, if you want to be steady, if you want clarity, proper judgment is the best way. How do we achieve that? Brain dumping is simply the easiest and fastest way to reach it. When you have cleared your mind, at some point, everything you have gone through will make sense. You’ll realize that every moment matters.

What are the steps?

Ok, now we are moving forward to how brain dumping is done. All you need to prepare is just really a notebook (a piece of paper is ok) and a pen! Just like the picture below (the notebook is adorable, isn’t it? XD)

A notebook and a pen

And oh, if you want to do it digitally, go ahead! I just prefer to do it in a notebook because It just feels better when you jot your mind on a piece of paper. Usually, I do brain dumping while doing a morning walk or free-tech jogging. I do it on a smaller notebook first, and move it to the main one later—when my morning walk comes to an end.

The first step of brain dumping is to write down all things that are happening in your mind—Good, bad, neutral things. Business, personal, or otherwise. To-dos, want to-dos, random thoughts—Just jot them down on your platform. You’ll end up with a pile-up of todos, thoughts, worries, questions, problems, etc.

After that, what should we do with these? Look at each thing you wrote down. Ask yourself “Can I control it?” If not, then don’t even think about it further. Just write the words “I cannot control this” next to it. You can also say it out loud, it will help you stop thinking about it.

What if I can control these things? Organize it! make some categories—Business, work, school, health, relationships, and so on. This will make the thoughts clearer, focused, and straightforward. After you categorized it, pick at least three things from each category. Prioritize it, and start focusing on those and those alone. The last step is to put it on your calendar! By then you will know when you need to do it.


That’s it! You just do a Brain Dump. I have done it for the past weeks and I have never felt any better XD. Before doing a brain dump, you might have 20 things bouncing around your head. But, after a brain dump, you might only have 2 or 3—and you’ll be better able to focus on these alone. Thank you for those who read it to the end, I really appreciate yall!! See you on the next post!

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