Fruz's Journey

Welcome to my journey!

👋 Hello there! My name is Endra, and this is my digital journey in living this life!

So, who am I exactly?

Hmm, maybe Endra is a name that's not worthy to remember at all. Because I'm just an 18-years-old-ordinary-teenager who is only living his life blindly, at least for now. I live in this city called Banjarbaru in Indonesia, yes, I'm an Asian. But please do not have high hopes for me because I'm not your average-hardworking-Asians. I'm in my final year of high school already. So, I might be not posting many posts this year, especially in May because I'll have my entrance exam held XD wish me luck!

Why did I start this journey?

As you can see in this post, the reason why I started this blog is to search for meaning. But lately, it seems that just living in the present will bring you more peace and solitude. So, I'll just write for myself and others, for my future self to be exact. If you found my posts helpful, then there is nothing much I can say except thank you! Because the dopamine you get when someone praised your works is just too amazing XD Thanks to whoever read my work, I really appreciate it!

What will the readers find here?

I think that's enough talking about me, now is the time to tell yall what will I deliver to you. For now, I just write about anything that goes on my mind, on my thinkings page, you'll see that my works often consist of my thoughts and some poems (I'm still learning so bear with it!). That page literally determines my interest, not really tho, but close. My main interest are: Stoicism; Programming; Poetry; Philosophy; Life; Books; Music; and many more!

I think that's all for my introduction, kinda lengthy, eh? Anyway if you want to keep in touch with me, you can email me at!