Fruz's Journey

2021, What a beautiful journey


Hi fellas, if you read this blog on new year's eve, happy new year! 2021 has been a great journey for all of us. I’ve learned a lot of things during this year, and now I wanted to share what I’ve been through this year.

How is my 2021 going

Looks like 2021 is my year (kinda). Before 2021 came, I started to make new resolutions and make a long-ass plan, and then execute it in 2021. I def wanted to get healthier, happier, and also smarter (LMAO).

So, In January, I was attending a Calisthenics private session, this is the time where I finally understand how to build some muscle, how to track your calories, and also learned how to keep your body in shape. I love this month, I always feel productive and fresh in the morning. This month also, I was intrigued to read some books, cuz I watched a lootttt of self-improvement videos back then, and they always recommended me to read some books. Fellexandro Ruby is my number one channel back then, I really encourage u guys to watch his videos! Fellexandro's Youtube Channel

In February, I started to execute my plan, I immediately build my reading habits. My first ever self-improvement book is ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ by Mark Manson. Shout-out to ma boi, Daffa Rif’at for lending me this book 😂. This book literally took me like months, because back then I was way too comfortable in my zone and never touched the book (sorry daf XD). But yeah, somehow I managed to finish the book, and man it was such a life-changer.

I also learned how to design a website interface, or maybe the cool way to say it is UI/UX. My first ever design is my school website, SMA Negeri 1 Banjarbaru. It was fun back then designing this web interface, even tho I never make the functional version (slicing it into HTML, CSS, and JS). SMAN 1 Banjarbaru Website Design

March, I got a message from one of my teachers, she said that I got chosen for KSN (Kompetisi Sains Nasional). I was sooo happy back then, even tho I never got the chance to attend it in my junior year of high school, at least I have the chance in my sophomore year. At first, I was selected for the Astronomy subject, but I damn knew I sucked at physics. So, I messaged my teacher again, begging to change my subject to Informatics. A long short story I finally changed to Informatics, I study so damn hard for this, knowing that the KSN-K (Kota) will be in April.

The day almost come, but suddenly I got new information that the test will be delayed to May. After that, I was so lazy to study because of the new announcement. In fact, I didn’t study again AHHAHAHA, until it was one week from the test, then I studied hard again knowing that I forgot like 50% of the subjects. The day has finally come, I and my Informatics fellow (Shandy and Bagus 😚) sit on our desk, and start answering those Pak Dengklek questions. It was so dammnn hard, but fun at the same time :D.

Me, Shandy, and Bagus after KSNK test

Ion wanna write more about the KSN experience here, maybe I will make a different blog post for it :D. But yeah long story short I passed in KSN-K and failed in KSN-P.

Let's jump to the fun part, August. In this month, I did something that I have never ever thought of before. It’s all started when one of my friend on Twitter posted a poster about some start-up ( that opens an internship program. Both I and my friend immediately joined it and then we both pass the document step. The next step is an interview. When the day comes, I was so nervous, not because I didn't prepare it, I did in fact. I was nervous because it was the first time I had an interview for a Front-end Position. The interview didn’t go very well I guess, and I know that I'm not gonna get accepted.

Days later, there is a message in my email, it says ‘Congratulations, Endra, you are now part of the Mentoringg Family!’ damn I was sooooo happy back then, and I immediately asked my friend if she pass the interview or not, and she did!!! We cannot believe it HAHAHA. Some days later we had a welcoming party for those new interns, it was so fun! Welcoming party at

My first ever task is to build a landing page website, I and my colleagues divided the landing section into some parts, and then we started to work on the part that we chooses. I learn a lot from this internship program, from how to collaborate with Git, how to write clean codes, and how to communicate with others. Big shootout for Kak Fian and Kak Akmal! Landing page I also might be writing a different blog post for my experience while being an intern in Mentoringg.Id!

In September, I started to change from Calisthenics into weight-lifting. I realized that if you want to get bigger muscle, u choose weight lifting, but if u want flexibility and cool tricks, choose Calisthenics. I have no struggle in food while changing from calis to weight lifting, cuz its basically the same. I do struggle in the movement, issa whole new experience to me. I mean, if u do the movement wrong, there’s a chance that u will tear ur body apart. Thanks god I have a senior that wanted to help me, it was ka Qafkha :*. I started with a 3 times a week full body exercise, it really helps me develop da muscle. The progress is so fast rather than calisthenics. My mirror selfie in da gym

November, the month where I finally am no longer a student council member. The farewell party was fun, I enjoyed it a lot. Because it basically my last event as a student council :((( Here’s a photo of me and my partners😎 Sekbid 10 squad

In December, I think I was too burnt out to learn something new. This is a really bad month, I tried to install Blender into my Linux, but it turns out that it won't boot after I installed Blender AHAHAHA T___T. I also ruin my sleep schedule in December, but at least there is something good happening in this month. Yep u guessed it right, FAKING SPIDERMANNNNNN Me and my spidermans squad in cinema


What I'm gonna do for 2022

Welp, I’ll have a lot of things going on in 2022, but my main goals are

  • start sleeping for 6hr long again.
  • Lift 150kg on Deadlift (100kg currently).
  • Read at least 22 books - (4/22)
  • Publish 12 articles on my blog -(2/12)
  • Study for at least 2hrs/day
  • Daily 5 mins meditation

I'm grateful for 2021, and I hope that 2022 will be greater. I’m excited about how will my 2022 goes. Good luck for yall!


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