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Malice - Book Review📚

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"Everyone has secrets. And everyone has the right to keep them. Even if they're dead"

Welp, that's the quote that represents the book. Malice by Keigo Higashino opens a new world that you have never been before-- a world full of hatred, fear, and vengefulness.

The book starts with one of the main characters, Osamu Nonoguchi, visiting his childhood friend, Kunihiko Hidaka. Osamu is only a children’s fiction writer, meanwhile, Hidaka is a best-selling writer. He visits him because Hidaka is about to leave Japan to relocate to Vancouver with his second wife, but something happened that night. Hidaka was found killed in his locked office, where there was no one around. The one who found him was his best friend, Osamu Nonoguchi, and his second wife.

This book in one paragraph

As a said before, this book is full of Malice. Keigo makes you wonder, why there is a human this evil? What is the motive? And many more other riddles. This book is kinda different from the other murder mystery that I have read before. When usually these kinds of books are focused on finding the culprit, Malice literally shows you the culprit in the first part of the book. Meanwhile, the rest part of the book is about the Detective seeking the truth that the culprit hid.

Who should read this?

A crime murder mysteries lovers, a crime junkie, and basically whoever that into mysteries. If you are one of them, you should really read this one! The murderer trick is kinda simple, but the motive is the one that intrigued me :D. The truths are revealed gradually, and there are so many twists that make you wanna finish this book in one sitting LOL.

Personal review

I would say this book is a solid 4/5. There is a lot of characters that I liked, especially Detective Kaga. The way he uncover the truth one by one is just amazing, he never missed the details, and the way he told his deduction to the culprit, is mindblowing.

This book has two POVs, Osamu Nonoguchi’s account, and Detective Kaga’s account. When it comes to Kaga’s account, I feel really excited and curious. Because you know, the truth will be revealed, and he will solve all the puzzles that the culprit makes.

Overall, this book is a must-read if you are a mystery lover that loves to solve problems!

Cool quotes

Here are some cool quotes from Malice XD

  • “The relationship between teacher and student is based on illusion. The teacher is under the illusion that he is teaching something, and the student is under the illusion that he is being taught. What’s important is that this shared illusion makes both teacher and student happy. Nothing good is gained by facing the truth, after all. All we’re doing is playing at education.”

  • “it was difficult when times were hard to pretend to be happy, doing the reverse was relatively simple.”

  • “Apparently, it won’t do just to tell the reader what a particular character is like. The author needs to show their habits or their words and let the reader form an image on their own.”

  • "What was most frightening was not the violence itself, but the negative energy emitted by those other boys who hated him. He had never imagined that such malice existed in the world."

  • "It is unfortunate, but true, that parental guidance and the intervention of teachers often has little effect in bullying cases. Friendship is a child's greatest ally."

  • "It is an unfortunate fact that the police tend to turn a stern eye toward evidence that benefits a suspect, but tend to be rather easygoing when it comes to evidence that implicates our suspect."

That's for my short review! Last but not least, a shout-out for @lazuandi on Twitter for lending me this book! This guy deserves a follow :DDD

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