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A Key to a Peaceful Morning

Hi there! How are y'all doing lately? I hope we are in an excellent condition. I want to write my conjecture about something called 'morning routine', it intrigued me since the first time I've heard about this. And I also wanted to share it to you guys, since many said that teaching is the best way to learn something :D.


Some said that the key to having a productive day is to have a nice morning routine, but is true tho? How can we determine that we are having a nice morning routine? How do we know if our routine is any good? How we know that a routine will affect our day? And many others questions. But the thing I wanted to talk about for today, is an example of what I can say the best morning routine that changes me.

Before I knew anything about morning routine, all I do after I wake up is to open my phone and then scroll through social media. Minutes and hours passed, and I'm still on my phone, scrolling some posts that are not useful to me. Then, someday I found some really good podcast about 'The Miracle Morning' book by Hal Elrod. I was like 'DAYUMMM', why I've never heard bout this, it really blew my mind. And today I think I really need to share what tf is 'The Miracle Morning' Routine.

Elrod abbreviates them as 'S.A.V.E.R.S', and here's the brief overview about them.


The first thing we need to do after we wake up, is to have a nice and peaceful mind, away from phone and other thing that will distract you. Usually, I drink some water first, then goes to bathroom to prepare for praying subuh.

After a peaceful subuh prayer, I continue to have a nice 5-min meditation, I use Insight Timer to help me track my meditation. It have a really nice and simple UI, I really recommend it!


The simplest way to explain this; a positive sentence to make you feel 'good'. The first thing you need to do is to write it on a book or anything, then you can read it aloud in front of a mirror, That's the way I do it.

You can use this template for a nice morning affirmations

What are you wanted to be? How are you gonna reach it? What are the steps to reach it? When are you gonna do the steps?

A simple yet really effective template to use.


Visualize your ideal day is the best way to do something in the morning, by visualizing, you train your brain to see what you need to do for today, and how you gonna complete it.

The best way to do it is to imagine yourself in a big cinema, sitting and watch how your day gonna be. And then after you visualize your ideal day in the big screen cinema, you need to 'eat' it so that maybe it can go through your mind.


AHHH YES, the best part. Exercising in the morning can give you a really nice 'boost' on your body. It can makes the blood and oxygen flow smoothly. And nah, you don't need a really long exercise or a heavy one.

Usually I just stretch my body, by following this video. If I was kinda energetic, I use the 7 Minute Workout's fullbody exercise, don't worry, it's begginer friendly!


This is the part where I said that this morning routine changes me. Many said that reading in the morning can help you develop urself, and I can vouch with that statement. All we need to do is to read minimum 10 pages, and I think it's better to read the non-fiction one.

Right now I spend like 15-30 minutes reading Filosofi Teras in the morning, this book really changes the way I'm looking at the world. It gives me a new perspective. I plan to write a review about this book, so please stay tuned!


Scribing is the another word for 'writing', what I mean by writing is journaling! It is nice to jot some thought down in the morning, it also helps you to track your progression! I will give you a template of the morning journal that I usually use.

  • I'm grateful for...
  1. ...
  2. ...
  3. ...
  • What will I do to make today great?
  1. ...
  2. ...
  3. ...
  • Daily affirmations, Iam ....

This is a template that I take from 5 Min Journal app, if you want to modify it, then go ahead! You do you!


That's it, literally a 'S.A.V.E.R.S'. I have been doing this morning routine for months now, and I think it really makes my day to be a productive day. By doing meditation, affirmation, visualization, exercise, reading, and also being grateful, it makes my morning to be a peaceful one. I suggest y'all try this morning routine! at least once, and then I can(t) guarantee it will changes your day!

That's all for me, thanks for whoever read it to the end, I really appreciate it! And sorry for my broken English XD, I wanted to write in English cuz I want to improve my English writing skills, hope you guys can tolerate with that!

Anyway, see you in the next blog! Have a nice day!


- 7 toasts